LA local residents receive mysterious paid food delivery


March 19, 2023 | 4:45 am

Residents in a northeast Los Angeles neighborhood are puzzled by a string of paid food deliveries showing up at their doorsteps despite not having been ordered.

The Los Angeles Times reported this week that residents along Range View Avenue in the Highland Park neighborhood have received chicken sandwiches, milkshakes, pastries, coffee and other items they never ordered from delivery services like Uber Eats.

The unsolicited deliveries started in February, and a handful of people told the Times that they sometimes received several orders a day. It’s not clear if the orders are a scam or some kind of prank.

Residents say the delivery drivers haven’t been able to provide much information about who is placing the orders, either because they don’t know or because the delivery people are using other people’s names.

The unsolicited deliveries have been going on since February and some residents are concerned about the sender’s intentions.
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“The drivers are always laughing about the situation,” said Range View resident Will Neal, a documentary filmmaker.

“It’s quite remarkable what they can do with a pancake sandwich,” Neal added, jokingly referring to the four unsolicited McDonald’s McGriddles he received at his home on Feb. 25 — the first of 40 mysterious deliveries to his home.

Some residents ate the food, some threw it away, and others donated it to local charities.

“I don’t trust it — I throw it away,” Dean Sao, a carpenter at nearby Pasadena City College, told the outlet. ‘I don’t know who’s doing it. We joked at first: it must be Elon Musk – I don’t know who else could afford it.”

Morgan Currier, who received 30 deliveries, told the outlet that she had the delivery person call the number associated with the order, and the connection was broken.

An Uber spokesperson told Fox Business the company has launched an investigation into the source of the orders and has “taken action” against a number of accounts.

The spokesperson added that the company is tracking orders sent to that part of Highland Park.

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