CDC is warning some travelers to watch for Marburg virus symptoms as it investigates outbreaks in Africa

CNN — The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is sending personnel to Africa to help contain Marburg virus disease outbreaks and urge travelers to certain countries to take precautions. Equatorial Guinea and Tanzania are experiencing their first known outbreaks of the Marburg virus, a viral fever with uncontrolled bleeding closely related to Ebola. … Read more

A new procedure offers hope to ‘not an option’ patients who have to undergo amputation due to serious blood flow problems

CNN — Cynthia Elford loves to travel and hike, but a few years ago her type 1 diabetes made it almost impossible to get around. In 2018, the Pennsylvania grandmother was at risk of losing her right leg due to a diabetes-related circulatory problem, and developed sores on her toes that kept getting worse. She … Read more

WHO advisers to consider whether obesity medication should be added to essential medicines list

CNN — World Health Organization advisers will consider next month whether to add liraglutide, the active ingredient in certain diabetes and obesity medicines, to the list of essential medicines. The list, which is updated every two years, includes medicines “that meet the priority health needs of the population,” the WHO says. “They are intended to … Read more

Protests against pension reform in France: Demonstrators enter the airport during nationwide protests

CNN — Protesters entered an airport in southwest France on Tuesday as part of demonstrations against the country’s proposed pension reforms, which have sparked widespread protests in recent weeks and paralyzed major services across the country. Social media videos verified by CNN show smoke bombs being fired by protesters outside the Biarritz airport entrance and … Read more

Bowling Green college basketball player hit in handshake line after win; Memphis player charged by campus police, school says

CNN — Bowling Green State University basketball player Elissa Brett was punched by University of Memphis player Jamirah Shutes as the two crossed the traditional post-game handshake line after Bowling Green’s 73-60 victory in the Women’s National Invitation (WNIT) postseason tournament on Thursday. Video of the incident shows the confrontation, with Shutes reaching out to … Read more

Four California sea otters died from an unusual strain of a parasite that could pose a risk to humans

CNN — Four sea otters in California have died from a rare strain of the Toxoplasma gondii parasite that scientists say may pose a risk to human health. Researchers called the find a “complete surprise” because this strain of T. gondii had never been reported in any aquatic animal or off the coast of California. … Read more

Protests for pension reform in France turn violent after national day of action

Paris CNN — More than a million people took to the streets across France on Thursday in protests that turned violent in some areas as protesters expressed anger at proposed pension reforms. Clashes erupted between groups of protesters and police after workers staged a national strike throughout Thursday, with flare-ups in Paris and regional capitals. … Read more

US tuberculosis cases are approaching pre-pandemic levels, data from the CDC shows

CNN — Tuberculosis cases reported in the United States appear to be returning to pre-Covid-19 levels, according to a new report from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The incidence of tuberculosis or TB in the U.S. rose slightly last year after a substantial 20.2% drop in 2020 and a 9.8% increase in … Read more

California bill seeks to ban red dye No. 3

Editor’s Note: Get inspired by a weekly roundup about living well, made simple. Sign up for CNN’s Life, But Better newsletter for information and resources designed to improve your well-being. CNN — Some chemicals linked to health problems are banned in foods in the European Union, while the United States has allowed use at safe … Read more

Foodborne bacteria can cause more than half a million UTIs each year in the US, research shows

CNN — Bacteria from meat could be responsible for more than half a million urinary tract infections in the United States each year, according to a new study. E. coli is an often harmless bacteria that is “part of the normal bacterial environment in the gut of humans and animals,” said Dr. Craig Comiter, a … Read more