UN food chief: Billions needed to prevent unrest and famine

UNITED NATIONS (AP) — Without additional billions of dollars to feed millions of hungry people, the world will see mass migration, destabilized countries and starving children and adults over the next 12 to 18 months, the head of the Nobel Prize-winning UN World Food Program warned Friday. David Beasley praised the increased funding from the … Read more

Scientists may have found the culprit behind mysterious childhood hepatitis outbreaks

Several teams of scientists believe they have discovered the probable cause by a mysterious wave of severe hepatitis last year that hospitalized and killed children around the world. In three studies published this week give the groups detailed evidence that a common but mostly non-pathogenic virus was strongly associated with the cases, likely aided by … Read more

A Harvard gut doctor shares 8 foods that cause bloating — and what she eats instead

About one in ten people experience bloating after meals, usually in the form of flatulence or an uncomfortable feeling of fullness in the abdomen. As a gastroenterologist and associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School, I’m often asked: What causes bloating and how can I make it stop? Understanding bloating is tricky because there … Read more

I’m a podiatrist – this is what your feet say about your health

Dark vertical bands on the toenail can indicate trauma or even skin cancer Although swelling can be a sign of heart problems or problems with lymphatic drainage You might not think it, but your feet can tell you a surprising amount about your health. From pesky cracked heels and calluses to more serious issues like … Read more

We are running out of new antibiotics, the WHO warns

Experts from the World Health Organization have issued a dire warning about our never-ending the fight against dangerous bacteria: The pipeline of new antibiotics, especially those that can treat drug-resistant bacteria run dry. Only about two dozen candidates intended to treat major infections are currently believed to be in clinical trials, with even fewer potential … Read more

At trial, Minnesota says e-cigarette maker Juul is targeting children

MINNEAPOLIS — Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison personally opened his state’s case Tuesday against Juul Labs, accusing the e-cigarette maker of using “slick products, clever advertising and appealing flavors” to get kids hooked on nicotine. hooked when the first of thousands of cases against the company landed. Minnesota is seeking more than $100 million in … Read more

Scientists just learned something new about how aspirin works

We still need to learn more about one of the oldest medicines in the world: aspirin. Under investigation this week, researchers say so found out more about how the drug reduces inflammation. The findings can ppaved the way to creating similar but safer treatments for inflammation and possibly even cancer, the team said. Lions on … Read more

Experts reveal why we should look at our metabolism as an indicator of health

Body mass index (BMI) has long been the best way to examine whether we are in shape or not. But some believe that it’s all wrong – and that there’s a better way to measure fitness. UK experts have revealed how basal metabolic rate (BMR) could actually be a strong indicator, with the hashtag #MetabolicHealth … Read more

A high risk of stroke is linked to mental health

People with severe depressive symptoms have ‘given up life improvements’ Researchers believe screening for mood disorder genes can prevent strokes Depression and other mental health problems may put patients at increased risk of stroke, two studies have found. In the first case, people who reported the worst depressive symptoms — admitting that they had “given … Read more