We are running out of new antibiotics, the WHO warns

Experts from the World Health Organization have issued a dire warning about our never-ending the fight against dangerous bacteria: The pipeline of new antibiotics, especially those that can treat drug-resistant bacteria run dry. Only about two dozen candidates intended to treat major infections are currently believed to be in clinical trials, with even fewer potential … Read more

UW Health Confirms It Has Seen Cases of Emerging Deadly Mold, Says Public Not to Worry Now | News

Clinical cases of Candida auris, an emerging fungus considered an urgent threat, surged in 2021. Nicolas Armer/photo alliance/Getty Images/FILE MADISON (WKOW) — A newly emerging and potentially deadly fungus deemed an “urgent threat” by the CDC has been spotted at UW Health facilities, an infectious disease physician confirmed Tuesday to 27 News. Candida auris is … Read more

Scientists just learned something new about how aspirin works

We still need to learn more about one of the oldest medicines in the world: aspirin. Under investigation this week, researchers say so found out more about how the drug reduces inflammation. The findings can ppaved the way to creating similar but safer treatments for inflammation and possibly even cancer, the team said. Lions on … Read more

Flesh-eating bacteria could be coming to a city near you thanks to climate change

If you were already stressed increased air pollution And more frequent heat waveswell, you can add another worrying health impact of climate change to your list: the flesh-eating bacteria Vibrio harmfulwhich thrives in warming US waters. This is according to a study published this week in Scientific Reports, researchers found That through infections bacteria Vibrio … Read more

Cardinals opening day starter Adam Wainwright will start the year on the injured list

JUPITER, Fla. – A few hours before he is officially named as the Cardinals opening day starter for his final season in the majors, Adam Wainwright will instead be placed on the injured list with a groin injury sustained during the World Baseball Classic. Wainwright and right-handed reliever Wilking Rodriguez will open the season on … Read more