Study: These foods increase risk of dementia — a lot

Butter. Hamburgers. Sausages. Pastries, cakes and biscuits from the shop. Oh, and soda – sugary or diet. They are all bad and they all significantly increase our risk of getting dementia. That reports one of the largest and scariest studies ever, involving about 60,000 people in their 40s, 50s and 60s. The study, which involved … Read more

Can I evict tenants who have lived in a house I inherited for years without a lease?

I inherited a house in San Francisco from my aunt. My aunt had rented her basement (probably illegally) to an elderly couple for a few years at a price below market price. I don’t believe there was a lease, and it’s probably against the building code to have tenants in the basement. The couple’s family … Read more

Is my money safe? Here are the ins and outs of FDIC insurance

The federal government this week helped clients of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank get their money back even if their deposits were uninsured. If other institutions fail in the future, customers may need to turn to FDIC insurance, Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said this week. Importantly, FDIC insurance has limits. Here’s how to make … Read more

The deadline for the required minimum benefits for the first year is April 1

If you turn 72 in 2022, the last chance for your first mandatory retirement plan withdrawal is April 1, otherwise you may incur a 25% tax penalty. While the annual deadline for required minimum distributions is December 31, there is a special exception for the first year, which moves the due date to April 1. … Read more

It’s the “best time” to contribute to a retirement plan, adviser says

After an already bad year, 401(k) account balances have taken a big hit in retirement, but that makes this the best time to invest, says one expert. According to Louis Barajas, a member of CNBC’s Advisory Board, down markets are ideal for calculating the dollar cost. A separate analysis from Vanguard also found that average … Read more

How Signature Bank, Silicon Valley Bank Failures May Affect You

Despite the failures of Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank, most consumers don’t need to worry about bank deposits, experts say. The Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s standard coverage is $250,000 per depositor, per bank, for each account ownership category. The bigger risks for investors may be exposure to tech and regional banks, but advisors warn … Read more

New cars sell for the largest premiums over sticker price

The median new car price in February was $45,296, compared to an MSRP of $41,637, a new study finds. It is estimated that 31% of new vehicles were sold above the suggested retail price last month. Here are some tips for consumers to avoid paying a premium for their new car. If you’re in the … Read more

How Much You Need to Save to Earn $70,000 a Year in Retirement Interest

While the thought of adequately funding your retirement may be daunting, if you start planning now, you’ll be thankful later. It may also not be as difficult as you think. Retirement usually involves replacing your one-time annual salary from a workplace with other sources of income to maintain your current lifestyle. While Social Security may … Read more

Seniors: Here’s an easy way to reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by almost 80%

And those over 70 who walk an average of 4,500 steps per day have a risk that is 77% lower than those who walk less than 2,000 steps per day. Actually, the broader conclusion of the study is that when you’re retired, you should buy some kind of pedometer or pedometer, track how much you … Read more

How much money you would have if you invested $1,000 ten years ago

Sopa Images | Rocket | Getty Images From its $4.99 rotisserie chickens to its $1.50 hot dog combos, Costco has long been a favorite of budget-conscious shoppers. Amid rising food prices, inflation-stricken consumers are trying to stretch their money further, to Costco’s benefit. The wholesaler closed its fiscal second quarter of 2023 with 123 million … Read more