In Germany, King Charles honors the victims of World War II Allied bombing

HAMBURG, Germany, March 31 (Reuters) – King Charles laid a wreath in memory of the victims of World War II Allied bombing during a visit to Hamburg’s St. Nikolai memorial, the remains of a church in the northern port city of Germany which was badly damaged by the air raids. The gesture comes on the … Read more

Ammunition, anti-tank missiles in next $2.6 billion pledge to Ukraine – sources

WASHINGTON, March 31 (Reuters) – A new $2.6 billion military aid package from the US, which could include aerial surveillance radars, anti-tank missiles and fuel trucks for Ukraine’s fight against Russia, is expected to be announced as soon as Monday, they said three US officials on Friday. Half a dozen ammunition types, including tank ammunition, … Read more

Ukraine vows never to forget or forgive Bucha anniversary

Russian troops occupy the city of Bucha for 33 days Mass graves were found after the reconquest by Ukraine Ukraine accuses Russian troops of committing atrocities Russia denies the allegations BUCHA, Ukraine, March 31 (Reuters) – President Volodymyr Zelenskiy said on Friday Ukraine would never forgive Russian forces responsible for the atrocities in Bucha as … Read more

In Beijing, the Spanish Prime Minister urges Xi to talk to Ukraine’s Zelensky

Sanchez tells Xi: Spain supports Kiev peace plan Xi urges end to ‘extreme’ sanctions, ‘Cold War’ mentality – CCTV Sanchez is pushing for a more balanced economic relationship between the EU and China BEIJING, March 31 (Reuters) – Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez on Friday encouraged Chinese President Xi Jinping to speak with Ukrainian leaders … Read more

The Turkish parliament ratifies Finland’s accession to NATO while Sweden waited

ANKARA, March 30 (Reuters) – The Turkish parliament on Thursday approved a bill to allow Finland to join NATO, paving the way for the country to become part of the Western defense alliance as the war continues raging in Ukraine. Turkey’s parliament was the last of the alliance’s 30 members to ratify Finland’s membership after … Read more

Fugitive Russian father convicted of insulting military in Belarus

March 30 (Reuters) – Alexei Moskalyov, a Russian sentenced to two years in prison for discrediting the military and keeping his daughter under surveillance, has been detained in Belarus after escaping house arrest, lawyer Dmitry told Zakhvatov told Reuters on Thursday. Zakhvatov said Moskalyov, 54, had been arrested in Minsk, most likely as a result … Read more

Ukraine says Russian troops are making progress in the frontline city of Bakhmut

The UN suspends the plan for the safety zone of the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant Ukraine attacks behind the frontline in Russian-occupied Melitopol March 30 (Reuters) – Russian troops have had some success in the eastern frontline town of Bakhmut, Ukrainian military officials said Wednesday evening, adding that their fighters were still holding out in … Read more

Russia begins exercises with Yars intercontinental ballistic missiles

March 29 (Reuters) – Russia has begun exercises with its Yars intercontinental ballistic missile system and several thousand troops, the defense ministry said on Wednesday, in what will likely be seen as another attempt by Moscow to show off its nuclear prowess. President Vladimir Putin has sought to make the Yars missile system, which replaced … Read more

Russian troops are not making progress in Bakhmut, Avdiivka, Ukraine says

Russian-installed official claims progress in eastern cities The chief of the UN nuclear watchdog will visit the factory in Zaporizhia on Wednesday Russian participation in Olympic Games under discussion March 29 (Reuters) – Russian troops have been relentless in their attempts to capture the bombed eastern Ukrainian cities of Bakhmut and Avdiivka, making no progress, … Read more

Belarus says it will host Russian nuclear weapons to counter NATO

Belarus justifies its decision to house Russian nuclear weapons Says it needs to strengthen its own security Blames West for years of pressure aimed at government change Says moving doesn’t violate non-proliferation rules LONDON, March 28 (Reuters) – Belarus confirmed on Tuesday that it will host Russian tactical nuclear weapons. boundaries. The statement from the … Read more